Somebody once said – everything that can be presented already exists. And looking at Vasyl Fenchak's works you begin to believe it His paintings, graphics and engravings describe the Same reality, reality the artist remains loyal to for so many years.
Vasyl says: "Every work of mine is like a fragment of my dream. Just as when you are recalling your dreams, you are trying to recover the integrity of some magic world following the only clue—the feelings you had when you had encountered that world".
We all are trying by means of music , literature and fine arts to live through as many lives as it's possible. We are greedily absorbing all these impressions And if they are in harmony with our feelings we are Happy that somebody else thinks and feels same way as we do.Understandable then that the more original these impressions are, the more happiness you feel when you feel their harmony with your own attitude.
Originality and identity are the main criteria of any works of art. There is a game – to identify an artist by one little fragment of a picture. This artist's works are obviously easily identifiable.